New Year’s Entry

We made it through our first New Year’s Eve as parents. Emma got tired of it all towards the end, but thankfully she went to sleep on the host/hostess’ bed. She was such a tired little bug. Got to enjoy the evening with church folk. Played Risk (and won, held North America), played a fair amount of DDR (I’m very rusty, and should pick it back up to train for ultimate winter league). Chatted with folk.

Made cinnamon rolls which actually turned out decently. Used Momma’s recipe – went really well for the first try. I should have made a single batch though. The double batch _really_ over-produced. (: (also, spending 3+ hours making a pastry is silly.)

It was sad to have to miss both my family’s and college friend’s parties, but one can only be in one place at a time. I hope that all the rest of you had an enjoyable night, and managed to dodge those drivers who had an even more enjoyable night.

  1. Cool. I make my grandma’s cinnamon rolls. Haven’t made them out here yet. Need to make some and take them to work. 🙂

    You into Settlers of Catan at all? We’ve been playing that with friends/family for a few years.

  2. We’ve been playing Settlers for a few years as well. We actually just picked up a board game from the Carcassonne family as well. Good times.

  3. Yeah, we’ve been playing settlers occasionally for a while now. Sobotas have a copy of it. It’s quite an enjoyable game.

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