I’d like the smansh-n-grab special, with a side of fraud please

Friday night, we had dinner out with some friends. When we got out of the restaurant, Melissa and I noticed that the driver’s door window had been broken out of the van. Well, at first I thought that the window was really clean. Then I thought the window was rolled down. Then it finally dawned on me what had actually happened.

It turns out the “only” stole Melissa’s purse. Immediately after calling the police, I called the bank and the credit card company to blocked Melissa’s cards. An hour and a half later, the police showed up to create the police report, then I drove it home.

Saturday morning we got a call from the bank regarding 5 suspicious charges with Melissa’s debit card. Turns out, the bank blocked *my* card, not Melissa’s. Grrr.

So, since then, I’ve been talking with the insurance company, several auto glass places, the bank, credit bureaus, etc. I’m amazed at the number of places where I can’t take care of things myself (Melissa has to be the one to call, sign, etc) even though they are completely joint accounts.

Moral of the Story: don’t leave stuff in locked vehicles.
Secondary Moral: no matter how hard you try, you can’t win.

  1. That sucks. My car was broken into once as well. The person stole my cd player, a watch, a camera. Even some water from the trunk. From then on, I remove the faceplate from the cd player when I leave my car, and I leave NOTHING in the car of value.

    Except sometimes water.

  2. Doh…that’s never good Dave, good luck with getting everything straightened out.

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