Results of the windows-free period

I ended up not using windows for nearly three weeks. Using Ubuntu linux exclusively was a nice change of pace, and refreshing in several respects. Unfortunately, when I tried to re-install windows on its own partition, it tanked the entire partition table, so I’m now back to being Linux free (on that machine).

Things that were good about linux:

  • Having a package manager with tons of available software is great. Ubuntu’s aptitude package manager is wonderful, and being able to install new software without having to go find it and install it by hand is great.
  • WINE is a compatibility layer for running windows software within Linux. It’s gotten quite good in the last year or so. Graphic-wise, it can run any windows software you’d like. (I ran Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft without any graphical problems)
  • Tons of online help. The forums and other online communities for Ubuntu are extremely helpful for figuring out how to do things within Ubuntu and fixing problems that crop up (I didn’t have any problems with my main machine, but had a couple with some older machines)

Things that were bad about linux:

  • WINE’s sound support is not mature enough. This is an artifact of Linux’s currently ancient sound subsystem. When trying to play games, the sound generally lagged behind the events that generated the sound. This is frustrating, to say the least. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
  • Poor NTFS R/W support. Makes it annoying to share files between operating systems. It’s frustrating to have to maintain a 3rd partition just for pushing files around safely.

I’m sure there were others. I’ll post this now and add to it later as I think of other issues.

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