notblog is back

Sorry for being down for a few days. Since Melissa and I were robbed a few weeks ago, we had to cancel the credit cards. And I forgot to update my billing info for the web host, so they locked the account. It’s back now, so it should be no problem. (:

Also, gamefest was tons of fun. I’ll have to post more specifically on that later.

  1. Holy cow! Is everyone alright?

  2. Yeah, we’re fine, just annoyed. See my post on May 1 of this year (it’s still on the front page at the moment). The worst part of the whole thing is that the window replacement cost me more than the thief got from fraudulently using Mel’s debit card. ie, it would have been cheaper for me and better for him if I just wrote him a check. :\

  3. sportif é ………………..

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