What do I say?

What’s the etiquette for when you’re at work an you’re are making a beeline for the restroom to finish out the catch and release program you instituted on last night’s dinner, when you are [inevitably] stopped by someone wanting to show you something “real quick”?

Can you just say “hey man, I gotta decrease my specific gravity, can you hold on a minute?”. Do you just grin and bear it? Say nothing, leave, and return as soon as possible?

Is this post serious at all? I’ll get right back to you on that. I will be _right_ back. 😛

  1. I hold to the “we’re all adults here” theory and point out that I’m on my way to the restroom, and that I’ll catch up to them momentarily. If the other party is at all appalled that you are an actual human being that performs required duties anywhere other than a secure bunker several miles below the surface of the Earth, point out that it’s OK, you wash your hands.

  2. I guess I’m uncultured, because I don’t understand what’s wrong with the straightforward “Sorry – on my way to the restroom”.

  3. I’m also a big fan of the direct approach. If you must use a euphemism, I recommend “I need to make a pit stop first” or something similar. “I’ve got nature calling on line 1 (or 2)” may or may not be appropriate in some instances, while “I need to pinch a loaf” and “Gotta drain the lizard” are *right out* (in the workplace).

  4. I tend to favor British euphemisms myself, specifically the loo or the gents. I also tend to use those terms at home which irritates my wife for some reason…

  5. I appreciate all the helpful comments. This post was written mostly as a way to vent (ar ar) the frustration I feel at having to use normal convention at work, when I regularly (ar ar) gross my WoW guild out with “I need to go poop now, brb”. Then I regale them with helpful descriptions after the fact.

    However, this habit is less than helpful in the workplace. (:

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