Four links for your perusal

  1. Holocaust Survivor Leaving USA – A man who lived through the Holocaust is fleeing the US because he thinks the present-day United States of America too closely resembles pre-war Nazi Germany. He’s getting himself and his family out.
  2. Walk like a human – This article talks about another, perhaps more natural, way to walk. The author has an fairly obviously philosophical bent, but still an interesting read.
  3. A decent vi tutorial – This one is mostly for myself to read later. It’s a brief tutorial for using a common unix text editor.
  4. Swarm Behavior – An interesting read about swarm behaviour in several different natural species. The most interesting part of the article is actual application of swarm behaviors in human life. Two human application examples covered are airplane terminal routing and group decision making. Overall, this is very interesting to me, and leads me to wonder about humanity as a whole, and what aspects of swarm mentality (which is a broadening of the idea of a free market, I suspect) would improve our everyday lives and governance.
  1. It should pointed out that the Holocaust survivor story is two years old. I think the events in between should show pretty well how lacking in perspective it was.

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