things are unraveling quickly now boy!

This may be the last entry for a while. I’m awake and getting ready to head to Indy to pick up Nate, my best man. Then it’s on up to Detroit-town.

I’m very excited. I woke up at seven, then couldn’t really sleep anymore. Melissa gave me a wakeup call at eight, so that was nice.

Oh well. I’m nice and incoherent this morning, so I’ma just go.

*big stupid grin*

(It’s almost time to remove the [n almost] from the title bar!!!)

  1. Hey, Dave.

    This is the day (I know you won’t read this).

    But good luck and congratulations.

    Sorry we couldn’t make it.

  2. Congrats Dave and Melissa!!!! Melissa, I’m sure your wedding day was everything that you dreamed it would be. I’m soooo happy for you two!! May God bless and strengthen your marriage everyday for the rest of your lives.

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