I just had my best game of ultimate frisbee that I’ve had so far this summer, tonight. It was wonderful. I was successfully part of several points (instead of throwing horrid throws for turnovers). I also blocked the disc four times. The best moment was my second block, which resulted in a Callahan. When I slapped at the edge of the disc, it changed direction and headed for the endzone. Not wanting the other team to recover the disc (since it was still flying), I kept after it. I slapped it again, and it kept flying. That annoyed me, so I kept running after it, and grabbed it. That resulted in a defensive point. w00!

(as a matter of truthfulness, I did not actually know that I was scoring a point when I did this. I thought I was just playing good defense. Imagine my amusement when I turn around and my entire team is running at me and cheering, and I had no idea why! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on the scorage!

    In case you’ve forgotten who I am, I went to Rose-Hulman with you and was in IVCF. I’m trying to get in contact with people so I can get addresses for my upcoming wedding. Please email me!


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