Things that make me angry

Police flagrantly violating traffic law (or any law) is something that really angers me. Not only because of the contempt they show for the law of the land, but also because of the dangerous implication that some citizens are above the reproach of the law. The cops who post on this website, Cops Writing Cops, are exactly those sorts of criminal individuals.

At first, I thought about writing an angry email to the operators of that site, but that wouldn’t have any desirable effect, I don’t think. What I’m currently thinking about is finding a way to scrape the identity info out of their forums for the cops that have ticketed them, and setting up a fund to try to reward those policemen. Or something like. Some sort of positive reinforcement of the law abiding police that still do exist.

  1. No, no, this is a great precedent! I’m gonna go grab my copy of Halo 3 now. Since I’m a software developer (just like the guys the wrote the game), they should let me have it for free, right? Professional courtesy. After all, if I was driving along one day and saw them wrestling with a malformed regexp, I’d stop and help.

    Perhaps I’ll register “” so we can all share the horror stories of the “dicks” who charged us for software.

  2. Hey,
    As an aero engineer, I’ve got an idea from this site. I hate re-doing work that is wrong, as do my co-workers. So, in the name of professional courtesy, I think we should stop checking each others work. And since we are the same industry as the FAA, they should just look the other way also.
    Of course, whenever we modify a plane, instead of checking our work, we’ll just invite the friendly officers from that site to go on a nice test flight trip.

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