Bad Service

I stopped into Best Buy (I need to stop doing that) Saturday night to grab a game that Melissa has been craving. I walked in, grabbed it, paid for it (cash), declined all the “free” offers that the cashier offered, and headed for the door. When I got to the door, the package set off the alarm. The door guard requested to see my receipt. I declined. I told him that I’d purchased my items, which he could verify with the cashier. He told me he wanted to inspect my bag. I asked if he was accusing me of theft. He said that he was not, and pointed to a small, easy to miss sign near the exit that stated “We reserve the right to inspect all packages”. I pointed out that since the sign was not posted at the entrance, it really had no bearing on the conversation. He reiterated that it was policy for him to inspect my bag if the alarm went off.

Eventually I caved and let him take the game over to the nearest register and disable the inventory control. I’m not sure why I bothered. Next time, I’m going to just leave.

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