Good Service

The other day I had to put in a computer parts order at NewEgg. Since I was placing the order anyway, I decided to order an aftermarket heatsink/fan for my video card. I ended up choosing the Zerotherm GX710. I chose it because it was inexpensive, it supported my card, it was quiet, and it had decent reviews regarding performance.

It arrived, and I installed it. Unfortunately, it did not work well at all. My card kept getting into thermal shutdown. I tried removing it, recleaning the GPU, regreasing and reapplying the cooler. Still thermal shutdowns occurred. So I contacted Newegg via their web chat customer service line. I immediately got to talk to someone (or something; the page claimed it was a “liveperson”, but the answers where somewhat canned). Regardless of the humanity of the person I talked to however, with very little ado, he simply said that the item was not worth shipping back, and that I should see a refund in 2-3 business days.

Can’t argue with results like that.

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