strange latency

Maybe someone out there in blog-land can shed some light on this issue. For me. Let me start by listing some items:

  • My internet connection is via Sprint EVDO (wireless 3g data)
  • I play World of Warcraft
  • When I play WoW from Windows on my desktop machine, my average ping is around 500ms and frequently spikes to 1500-2000ms
  • When I play WoW from Linux via Wine, my average ping is ~300ms and is fairly solid.
  • I’ve run a full virus scan (via Clamwin) and a full malware scan (via Spybot). Nothing turned up.
  • I’ve tried running a TCP/IP optimizer on the windows install. I had no noticeable effect.

To me, this seems very weird. I’m going to try copying WoW to another windows machine and see how it behaves there. Beyond that, anyone have any ideas about why might have gone wrong?

  1. I’m guessing its whatever driver windows is using to connect with.

    Is it USB or pcmcia? Windows isn’t known to have particularly optimized USB drivers.

  2. Ah, that’s something I failed to mention. The PCMCIA card for the EVDO-A access is in my rose laptop, which is running a firewall distro called IPCOP. So from that perspective, all networked things should have more or less equal access to the EVDO-A card.

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