God bless us, every one

Melissa and I went to see the Indiana Repertory Theater’s production of A Christmas Carol. Jerry and Elizabeth were kind enough to watch Emma for us, so we were able to enjoy the show without boring Emmy to death in doing so. (thanks you two!)

It was a very enjoyable show. Melissa hasn’t been feeling completely well these last few days, but she was able to rally long enough that we were able to make good use of our seats all the same. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see a production at the IRT, I would highly recommend it. Also, Tiny Tim was played (I believe, by one Ciarra Krohne, who was so adorable in her part that Melissa wanted to take her home (although we thought she really was a tiny he!).

  1. Paul from Blumberg

    Merry Christmas Dave!

    We saw A Christmas Carol in a small Fort Wayne theater last year. It decent show especially considering the stage had a fair amount of pvc pipe and duct tape. I really like the story. Charles Dickens writes a good story. I particularly like the name Ebenezer Scrooge. The first half of the name is a Hebrew word meaning “stone of help” referencing I Samuel 7:12. The point of the storying being, of course, that God helped scrooge.

    I hope Melissa feels better.

    May God help both of you as he has me.

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