Sprint EVDO + IPcop

I got a comment requesting a description of how I got IPcop working with a Novatel u720 (USB EVDO modem). This is that post. This also applies to the Pantech PX-500, a PCMCIA EVDO modem. They both work in almost exactly the same way, since the PCMCIA card just has a USB hub built into it internally, so that the modems both appear as USB devices.

I started with IPcop version 1.4.14. The most recent version is 1.4.18. I have not tried installing using the latest version. I’m going to assume that it works the same way. Install IPcop to your firewall machine with the modem plugged in. I use the green + red is modem profile for the network setup. At that point, it’s time to reboot the machine and connect to it via the web interface.

From the web interface, go the the network->dialup menu. Tell the machine that the modem is connected to ACM0. The phone number is #777. You need to put something in for the username and password, but it doesn’t matter what you put there, they don’t get used for the actual connection. I use “asdf” in each slot. You’ll probably also want to select either “dial on demand” or “persistent connection”. For persistent connections, you’ll probably want to select “dial on startup”.

Anyway, that’s all there is to it. Once you save that dialup info into a profile (I call that profile “Sprint”), you can hit the connect button on the main IPcop page and you should be golden.

  1. So you didn’t have to patch IPCop, it just sees it as a regular modem? What kind of thruput are you seeing? Thanks!

  2. Nope, no patches necessary. It detects it as a usb modem. I see about 61-62 kilobytes per second down, and 8-10kilobytes/sec up and an average ping of about 130ms to google. Keep in mind that I’m fairly far from the tower though. Someone closer to a tower, or with a powered antenna will see better throughput.

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