blogroll maintenance

Maintenance is not complete, but here’s a start:

  • Removed Jenn Ho, who no longer posts publically (and I don’t have an LJ account).
  • Removed Jerod Weinmann, whose blog was lost when Bit Mongers invaded Swaziland.
  • Updated Nate’s URL, as he is no longer mooching bandwidth from the alma mater.
  • Added punchdrunkmonkeyman, at long last.
  • Added gin and milk, the purveyor of all the best Herbs.
  • Removed Anne Central, which I had stopped reading.
  • Added Planet RGSB (because it aggregates a lot of blogs that I would otherwise miss).
  • Updated Jerry to JnE, to reflect that his better half is also blogging now (yay!).
  1. Hey Dave, add me? Amy and I have started a blog as linked. =)

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