Indianapolis Museum of Art

Melissa and I (and Emma!) went the IMA last Saturday. We took out time and walked through the first floor. I really enjoyed myself. Melissa wasn’t entirely impressed with the period/style on the first floor (mainly medieval and later European art), but I liked it. It’s definitely out of the ordinary for us to take in something like that. Next time we go, we’ll check out the second floor, which I think will be more up Melissa’s alley.

I was suprised by two things with regards to bringing Emma to the museum. First, I wasn’t allowed to carry her on my shoulders. One of the uniformed people that mill about (stewardess? police? what are they called?) informed me that I could hold her in my arms, but not on my shoulders. Her reasoning was that I couldn’t see Emma, so Emma could touch something she shouldn’t. Which seems improbable, but I didn’t argue. The second thing was that Emma recognized the subject matter of many of the art pieces. She would often call things by name like people, kids, fish, sheep, etc. So I got a kick out of that. I felt gratified that she was actually noticing the pictures and sculptures.

In short, good trip. Also, I was previously unaware that the IMA was free, so you should go too! The price is right! (:

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