Sold the LeBaron’s remains

Just got finished selling the LeBaron’s remains. I called Pick a Part and they offered me $150 cash for the car. That’s a fairly low amount, based on what still worked, but whatever. It was $150 and the scrap would be out of my driveway.

So they sent out a tow truck to pick it up. The driver looks at it and tells me that he’s going to have to offer me $100 for it, since it’s in “such bad shape”. This smelled odd to me. I mean, yeah, part of the car is ruined. They’re a scrap yard though. They buy and sell scrap cars. It’s what they do. Anyway, sparing you my suspicious side’s theories about how many people get talked down once the tow truck is here, I ended up talking him into $120.

I wonder if *anyone* gets the full value they offer on the phone?

  1. Maybe it parts of it will be reincarnated as a White Chrysler LeBaron

  2. Since he was the one who already drove his tow truck to your place, it was you, not he, that was in a position of power when he reopened the negotiation. He exploited your natural human fear. You should have said, “Oh, I didn’t realize we were still negotiating. Since you’ve already driven here, I bet I can use the sunk cost fallacy to actually up the price we agreed to. Shall we say $175?”

  3. Yeah, I thought about playing harder with the negotiation. On my way home from work to meet the guy, I actually told myself “they’re probably going to try to offer me less than they claimed”. However, once the time came, I realized that I had not done any research into whether there were other places that would take the wreck. I didn’t want to be stuck with it, or have to go rent a trailer and dispose of it myself…

    So I took the loss. I should have done more research prior to giving it up. Live and learn. ):

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