Dealership, part 2

I picked the van up from the dealership last night after work. It was fairly uneventful. The only strangeness was that they tried to charge me $490, when the mechanic had quoted me $420 on the phone. I was willing to pay the difference, but I wanted to know what caused the increase in price. Rather than explain the difference to me, the guy working the register went in the back with the mechanic, they talked about something, then the cashier brought back the bill. At that point, it matched the phone estimate to the penny.

So I’ve no idea why the initial bill was higher, but they fixed it without too much trouble, so whatever. It’s nice to have the van back and working normally. (:

Update: I think what happened was that the replaced my fuel tank cap (which did need replacing) but didn’t ask about it first. I’m not sure, but that’s what I think happened.

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