Stranded in Detroit

We had an exciting weekend, but not the good sort of excitement. After work Friday, we headed up to Detroit to visit Melissa’s family. We were most of the way to Detroit when the van just died on the interstate. That’s bad enough, but it was also snowing. There were 3-4 inches of snow on the road and no plows were out. So here we are with a dead van on the side of the road, stranded.

Long story short, we had to get it towed then wait for Melissa’s family to rescue us from the middle-of-nowhere-Michigan. At least we were only 45 minutes from their house, so it wasn’t as much of an imposition as it could have been. The next day we went back down, had it towed to a dealership. They found out the coil was split in half (they assure me that’s not normal). They had to order a new part. Hopefully soon I’ll get the call that they’re done repairing it and we can return home.

Edit: the dealership finished the van around 2pm on Monday. We got going ASAP and got home around 10pm Monday. Was a long (and somewhat tiring trip). It’s good to be home. Also, I highly recommend Monroe Dodge as a good place to get a vehicle repaired in Monroe Michigan. (:

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