Un-finalized DVD

I’m trying to recover video from a mini-dvd. It was recorded there via a sony camcorder, but the camcorder was dropped before the disc was finalized. Now nothing seems to be able to read it, not even in raw mode. I’ve tried using ISObuster and NERO to repair the disc. I’ve tried reading the data off in raw mode using dd and ddrescue. Nothing I’ve done can see any data there, even though I can see that there’s data on the disc with my eyes.

Anyone have any ideas? It’s to the point where I’m thinking the simplest way to pull the data off might be with a high resolution camera, then programatically converting the image back to raw data…

  1. Any chance of going to a Best Buy or the like, and seeing if you can pop the disc in a Sony demo unit, and see if it can magically close it?

  2. I was actually able to accomplish this. I copied the disc using the demo of isobuster. It has a “copy on the fly” mode, that made an image of the disc. I then used VLC to transcode whatever it was that was on the DVD into an h.264 stream. Success!

  3. I had the same error. A mini DVD-RW from a camcorder showed the 0bytes. I tried several different attempts to get the data. In the end I tried this solution and isobuster worked like a champ. I think I’m going to purchase it just in case I have the same issue in the future. Thanks for idea.

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