HDTV, I has it

I bought Melissa an HDTV for her Xbox360, last night. It’s a Samsung, 30 inch CRT, model TXM3096WHF. It’s capable of 480p and 1080i. I freely admit that it’s not terribly high tech, but it’s better than the aging (and whistling) 27″ SDTV that we had. And it cost $65, so you can’t really beat that with a stick. (:

I’m enjoying learning about how to hook things up and setup things up for an HD system. The xbox looks very pretty at 480p. I need to hook up the DVD player via the component cables and learn how to set it to widescreen mode.

  1. 480p isn’t HD. You need to hook up the 360 via component cables in order to use the TVs 1080i resolution…which will look significantly better.

  2. You’re correct, 480p isn’t technically HD, it’s ED. However, 480p still “looks” better than 1080i on the TV. Granted, “looks” is a subjective term, so it’ll vary from person to person, but the extremely high interlaced resolution doesn’t look very nice to me, whereas the lower progressive resolution seems just about perfect on the 30″ screen.

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