OS X 10.6.2 on Hackintosh, initial impressions

I’ve now spent about a week using my new OS X setup. Everything continues to work except for the “about this mac” screen, even through software updates. I have a suspicion that my motherboard’s ethernet ports are only partially supported, which is what’s causing the about this mac to crash, but I’m still hunting that one down. I’ve installed Transmission (bittorrent client), Quakelive and World of Warcraft.

I started off by putting only 2 gigabytes of ram in the machine. I eventually upped it to four because the swapping behavior when I was close to using all the ram was really nasty. With four gigs of ram, everything is happy.

So far, my favorite things about it are Spotlight and how software is installed. Spotlight is the search/run application. I hit the hotkey for it (Windows key (meta) + spacebar on my machine) and a box pops up. I type in part of the name of the app I want to run, and it starts showing me a list of matches. I can select the program I want out of the list. Very handy. Software installation is also quite nice. Software seems to come packed in two different ways: disk images or directories.

Simpler software seems to come as a directory that I just copy or move into my Applications folder. Voila, installation is complete. More complex software seems to come in .dmg files, which are disk images (although I can’t help but think of them as “damage” files). When I download them, the system mounts them and they generally have a script that runs to install the software that they contain. Basically the same as how a software CD normally works when you stick it in your drive.

Last thing for this post: I gave it the IP for our printer and the operating system detected the type and everything worked correctly. Very cool. It’s a Samsung 4828 laserprinter/scanner/fax, for what it’s worth.

I’m sure I have lots to learn still, but my initial impression is positive. I have the iPhone SDK and xcode downloaded now. I’ll probably install it tonight and start going through tutorials to see if I can get some code running on my iPhone.

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