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Dented the Jeep last night

Last night I had the mower (heavy ride-on ZTR style) up on the trailer as was driving to a friend’s house to cut their grass. Normally, I load the mower so that its tail is facing forward. This time, I loaded it face-first, since the tires were a bit wet from the grass, and it wouldn’t grab the trailer and climb up. This caused the trailer to be a bit tail heavy, which is bad. You want it to be nose heavy, to encourage it to stay down on the hitch-ball.

Anyway, long story short, the hitch came up off the ball. The safety chains were still attached, but the trailer was fishtailing all of the place at this point, going nearly sideways at times, tires smoking when it was perpendicular to me. I’m really thankful it didn’t flip over. I’m also thankful no one else was around at the time, or it might have hit them. Once I got it slowed down, the mower (still firmly strapped to the trailer) slid forward and dented the rear hatch of the jeep. That’s the sum total of the damage from the whole incident, aside from any wear and tear on my cardiovascular system from seeing the mower dancing behind me.

I’m _really_ thankful that things turned out so well. I’m sad about the dent, but it’s just a dent.