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Vacation (#1) 2012 – First Half

First a quick life update – I left ADM 3 months ago and am now working for McCormick & Company in South Bend, IN. That is all. Our summer vacation was pretty fantastic. After swimming at my parents’ place and … Continue reading

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Drat and double drat

I thought maybe I could fix it, but it looks like I’ve definitely lost close to 5 years’ worth of posts. So here’s a quick summary of the last 56 or so months: two more children (a boy and a … Continue reading

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Stating the obvious

I am somewhat ashamed to say that I am, in fact, watching the Super Bowl tonight. I’m just not strong enough yet to resist the lure of big time sporting events. That, and there wasn’t much else going on. So … Continue reading

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Total Access

I finally gave in and signed up for a trial version of Blockbuster Total Access. But I don’t think we’ll stick with it. I think that NetFlix would be a better deal for us, just based on cost. We just … Continue reading

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The Metamorphosis

For about 6-7 weeks this past Nov-Jan, I cultivated a look that can best be described as “wolfman.” Maybe “cultivated” is a bit too strong of a word — it implies that I made some sort of effort, when in … Continue reading

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Grace Note

There is very little in my spiritual life that excites me lately. I’ve been “in the desert” for quite some time now. Being faithful more often takes work than it is a natural outflow of the joy of my salvation. … Continue reading

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Die Nachricht

Ho hum, another year gone by. Now it’s my favorite time of year — when the guvmint gives me rebates for having babies. I guess if the tax code has to be screwed up, it might as well be in … Continue reading

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What’s growing on

Ahh, lots of stuff going on. It’s been a fun week, though. I have joined Bricklink. I haven’t listed anything in my store yet but you can be sure I’ll let you know when I do. I freecycled a piano … Continue reading

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This little piggy went to market

Today we made a trip to Soulard Market for the first time since moving into the area over a year ago. It was a good time and now that we know how great it is, we will be making regular … Continue reading

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More Time Off

I didn’t end up taking the whole day off on Tuesday, and I worked full days on Wed/Thu. But I’m taking today off. Jamie’s mom is on her way here and will be here almost until the end of the … Continue reading

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