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I voted. . .

Green. Here in Illinois the Greens were the only non-major party choice, so as a protest against both major parties I voted Green. And I voted not to retain any of the incumbent judges here in good old Madison County, … Continue reading

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Stem cells

I heard another story on NPR this week about how stem cell research is changing medicine. Of course, as with all the other breakthroughs in stem cell research, this one was accomplished using adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. … Continue reading

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Lugar for President!

My choice for a 2008 presidential ticket: a bipartisan Lugar/Bayh bid. What this country needs is a good dose of Hoosier common sense. If you have a couple of minutes, read this.

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Employee Free Choice Act

I was reading an article linked by Dave in his post today. Dave wrote a nice little rant about it. I’ll focus in on another Pelosi quote from the article in question: To protect workers who want to join unions, … Continue reading

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Follow-up political sundries

So, Hamas won in Palestinian elections. That is not a good thing, unless you like the instability that terrorists sow. We’ll be watching this situation closely here at Soulfood Central. On another, really-not-at-all related note (though Dick Cheney might insinuate … Continue reading

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Here’s an example of how my mind works. Yesterday on I saw a headline (but did not read the article) about 6 Muslim men who are suing the US Government for arresting or detaining or abusing them (or some … Continue reading

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Speaking of dumb senators. . .

. . .here’s Ted Kennedy quoted in a article: “He didn’t back away one inch from his view that a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decision is not protected under the Constitution,” Mr. Kennedy told the committee. … Continue reading

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Why the media is dumb (and some Senators are dumber)

When I was a freshman in college (golly, almost 10 years ago now) I was inducted into an honorary freshman fraternity based on my grades (I think). It was Lambda something something. I got a certificate and a little pin, … Continue reading

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So, where’s my 13 acres?

It’s a good thing not everyone lives like me. It’d be hard to find 2 more Earths. Oh well. I almost sort of kind of maybe felt a little bit guilty at my results. The engineer in me wants to … Continue reading

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The Solve-Everything Tax

Today in his op/ed piece John Tierney (the Times’ successor to William Safire) proposed a $0.50 per gallon gasoline tax as a way to encourage conservation as well as to begin funding private accounts. First off, private account are supposed … Continue reading

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