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The Metamorphosis

For about 6-7 weeks this past Nov-Jan, I cultivated a look that can best be described as “wolfman.” Maybe “cultivated” is a bit too strong of a word — it implies that I made some sort of effort, when in … Continue reading

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This little piggy went to market

Today we made a trip to Soulard Market for the first time since moving into the area over a year ago. It was a good time and now that we know how great it is, we will be making regular … Continue reading

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More Time Off

I didn’t end up taking the whole day off on Tuesday, and I worked full days on Wed/Thu. But I’m taking today off. Jamie’s mom is on her way here and will be here almost until the end of the … Continue reading

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If You Give a Mom a Muffin

Some background: author Laura Numeroff has a series of kids books that start with the phrase “If you give a. . .” (see link). We have two of them so we are familiar with the series. More background: some dear … Continue reading

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Getting out of hand

I’m something of a silly sort of person. Sometimes. Like one night last week, when I decided to rename everyone in the family as we were getting ready for our family time. I’m Gorg, married to Piquanda, and our children … Continue reading

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I like them in the pot 5 days old

Asher is 5 days old today. We took him to his first church service this morning. Asher’s birth presents us with an opportunity to test our recent changes in theology in the crucible of real life. Namely, whether or not … Continue reading

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Da Crew

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What non-beer drinkers drink when they are prescribed beer

Reason number 17 why midwives are better than doctors: How many doctors do you know who would prescribe a fermented barley beverage to speed up the transition from colostrum (the first stage of milk production) to actual mommy milk? Yeah, … Continue reading

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The requisite newborn picture

I’m posting a picture with the boy and me, because it’s my blog and it’s about me. So there. I’ll get more pictures up eventually with Jamie and the boy as well.

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Asher Benjamin

Entered the outside world today at 10:56 AM CST. 7 lbs. 14 oz, 21 in long. Brown hair, blue eyes. Pictures will follow in due course. Everyone is healthy and tired. We’re going to sleep.

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