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What a Waste

NYTimes.Com had an article (free registration required, sorry) this week about the battles parents of “multiples” (that is, twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) are having with public schools over whether or not the multiples should be allowed to be in the … Continue reading

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Children’s Church

Someone recently asked my wife why we don’t send our children to children’s church, in the context of a larger discussion on our views on church polity. Jamie’s post that triggered the discussion that led to the email correspondence that … Continue reading

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My wife noted that I overstated our position on sending our children out of our home for education. In one of my comments on an earlier post I stated, “we do intend to send them to public secondary and either … Continue reading

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Schooling observation

If a given set of parents has enough time and patience to give a child the debriefing/debrainwashing following exposure to public schooling, the parental set would probably be better off homeschooling. In other words, from my observations I have deduced … Continue reading

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