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In the name of patriotism. . .

NBC has fired one of its journalists (Peter Arnett, a correspondent in Baghdad) for giving an interview on Iraqi TV in which he criticized American policy and said that America would (or should) lose the war. Now, I agree with … Continue reading

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I wish I were an Excel god

I spent 5 hours today trying to get an Excel spreadsheet to give me the data chart that I wanted. I finally tricked it into doing so, but there has got to be an easier way. The data I am … Continue reading

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I think we should be allowed to have more than just a mid-life crisis. Personally, I want to have a crisis at least in the middle of each decade of life. I am ready to have a mid-twenties crisis. I … Continue reading

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Do you ever have one of those days, when you look at what’s in front of you and set your goals for the day, and feel like none of them is anything you want to be working on? That’s today … Continue reading

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The only good war is Star Wars

Let’s boycott the war! This thing has so much of our attention, it’s more of a media event than a political one. I encourage everyone (myself included) to turn off the war. We can effectively pray for all involved without … Continue reading

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Rose longing

There are two times during the year when my nostalgia for Rose is especially acute. One is in the fall, because I remember how exciting it was to be “back,” to be with all my friends and getting ready to … Continue reading

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Curious responses and curious filters

I guess I’m rather surprised by the vehemence with which I have been opposed for my views on birth control. It is obviously a very emotional issue, and one over which, so far, only one person has been willing to … Continue reading

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Amy (do I know you?) made a comment that pulled me up short. You are right, Amy, Scripture is clear that we are to approach each other privately before accusing each other publicly. I should have contacted my brother in … Continue reading

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A Return to Modesty

My college roommate Jeremy was a great source of book recommendations. One book that I have really appreciated reading, based on his review, is Wendy Shalit’s “A Return to Modesty.” It is, at turns, a call for women (especially young … Continue reading

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I would like to state that I will never delete any comment made on my journal unless it contains offensive language or other vulgarities, including crude sexual references. I most certainly won’t delete or censor comments that present viewpoints opposing … Continue reading

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