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Pump Truck Joy

If you have never seen a concrete pump truck, you are missing out on one of the marvels of engineering ingenuity. Whoever came up with the idea to pump concrete should be given a medal. If only for the sheer … Continue reading

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The Game of Kings

Recently I uploaded PocketChess to my Palm. I am starting to enjoy playing chess. My dad taught me to play a long time ago, but I never really got into it. Now, however, I am having fun with chess. It … Continue reading

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We just got a memo about a law called HIPPA that went into effect on April 14. Under the law, we can’t ask employees about their health — if we do so, we can go to jail. If you’ve been … Continue reading

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Just look at her go!

Molly started crawling for real yesterday. She is so cute about it. She doesn’t smile very much — except for me. If Elijah is a mama’s boy (and he is), then Molly is Daddy’s girl. I love them both so … Continue reading

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Destructive tendencies

Has anyone ever done a study positively linking sexual promiscuity and general healthiness? Has anyone ever documented a study showing that women who have had abortions are healthier for having done so, both emotionally and physically? I would be interested … Continue reading

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Wreck ‘um up

I was in a car accident this weekend, on Good Friday, actually. Answers to the inevitable questions: no, no one was hurt. Yes, it was my fault. Yes, I think the car is a total loss. Jamie and I were … Continue reading

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More accessorizing madness

Yay, I found a spot on my belt for a tape measure today. It barely fit between my belt buckle and my right hand pocket. The “Super Foos” pic is now my desktop wallpaper. But it needs safety glasses (with … Continue reading

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The next Evil Axis?

I heard on NPR this morning that Germany, Russia, and France are having a summit in St. Petersburg this weekend. They will be talking, among other things, about Iraq and what they want their roles to be in establishing the … Continue reading

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We had our first Ultimate scrimmage last night. Except that only 4 of us showed up (5 if you count the dog that wandered into the area towards the end of the night) and so we just threw around. It … Continue reading

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Shameless marketing ploys

So I needed a jolt of caffeine and decided to buy a Mountain Dew 20-oz’er today. The bottle I bought has what Mt. Dew has dubbed a “School Cap” that can be redeemed by schools (presumably elementary, middle, and high … Continue reading

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