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Service, service service

For anyone who doesn’t know, we live in a service-oriented (one could even say, service-obsessed) economy. In a capitalist system like ours, the customer is a business’ first priority (well, making money is the first priority, but bear with me … Continue reading

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How It Feels to be Something On

What an incredibly well-done album. . . Currently listening to: SDRE, “Roses in Water”

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Roadside Monument

Currently listening to: “Lobbyest” by Roadside Monument, from the album beside this brief hexagonal I started listening to RM while I was in Germany. I carried my discman and headphones with me EVERYWHERE in Germany, and one of the discs … Continue reading

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This week’s sign that the apocalypse is upon us is reporting that playing first-person shooters increase children’s visual attention skills. For those of you who refuse to go through the simple free registration process to read the article, here’s a quick summary: Children who frequently play first-person shooters … Continue reading

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All. My. Friends. Drive low-riders.

But why?! Low-riders have got to be some of the most useless vehicles on the road. You can’t go over speed bumps, you can never go off-road, you get lower gas-mileage because the tires are smaller (not to mention that … Continue reading

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If I ever write a book. . .

. . .I think it would be a how-to book. My book would be “How to Properly Care for Your Hacker” and I’d have lots of collaborators on it. I would want Naginata’s input, since he seems to know a … Continue reading

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I smell ARAt

By the end of next week I will be free of ARAMARK for the first time in almost 7 years. We are switching uniform companies (to CINTAS) due to poor service from ARAMARK, although personally I never had any problems … Continue reading

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One of the things that amazes me about Americans is how many people have businesses on the side. They put in 40 hours working for someone else, and in the evenings and on weekends they do work of their own. … Continue reading

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Minty-caffeinated bliss. . .

Aaaahhh. . .they’re here. The sweet bliss of minty freshness and caffeinated pick-me-ups. Rapture!

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Apologies to our good governor. . .sort of

Well, I heard yesterday on NPR that our right honorable governor Blagojevich has nixed the expansion of gambling licenses as a means to cover the state budget. Though his reasoning was not what I would have liked it to be, … Continue reading

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