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The sad, sad story

Yeah, as my friend Paul C. says, I am a major botch. Here’s the sad, sad story of my weekend. Friday night we get to my parents in Goshen, IN. No problems so far. Molly is sick, but other than … Continue reading

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Here’s an interesting stream that diverged in my consciousness this morning: I woke up and by the time I was in the shower, for whatever reason, I was thinking about blogging. That made me think of my “Thanks” post, which … Continue reading

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Some days I wake up and I’m filled with a sense of gratitude for all that God has given me. Even though I have to get up shortly after 5AM, life doesn’t suck, as is evidenced by the fact that … Continue reading

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Sweet anticipation

I am starting to get really excited about someone’s wedding this Saturday. Though I have never met the bride, he met her the right way (yeah, I’m all about that Summer Love Thing). Weddings are always great — but at … Continue reading

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A royal bust

My wife and I “watched” The Royal Tennenbaums on Saturday night. Usually when I pick a movie we really like it, but man this was awful. We watched about the first hour or so, waiting for the scene that would … Continue reading

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As if. . .

Maureen Dowd is one of the most liberal op-ed columnists at the New York Times, and I generally place her columns in the “so far left as not to be worth reading” category. But occasionally I take a peek into … Continue reading

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Music and the way it shapes our lives

Slacka (who no longer has comments or permalinks) had a post on June 13 about music. He referenced this post by Someone I Don’t Know (henceforth SIDK if I ever encounter such again) that got him (Slacka) started. I have … Continue reading

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Procedural issues

So, I was reading this article in the New York Times about how Senator Patrick J. Leahy (the ranking Dem on the Senate Judiciary Committee) has recently sent letters to President Bush urging him to “consult” with Democrats before nominating … Continue reading

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Play on

I have known for quite some time that my brother has gone way beyond experimenting with alcohol. At the wedding reception Saturday night I finally saw it with my own eyes. It was a pretty devastating experience. Although I went … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura

I was at the wedding of a dear friend this weekend, a guy I have known since he was born. He is basically my brother in every way but blood and surname. My biological brother was the best man, and … Continue reading

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