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Checking the labels

In the last year or so my awareness of the amount of additives I consume has been heightened. In Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster notes that on the third day of a lengthy fast one will typically experience the painful … Continue reading

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More thoughts on gay marriage

This is excerpted from a response to a National Review article on gay marriages (from the blog of Andrew Sullivan): “I’m not going to rehearse all the arguments here. But I will point out that NR has essentially conceded in … Continue reading

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Stupid pro-gun slogans

The whole gun rights debate leaves a bad taste in my mouth (like the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos I ate this morning — what was I thinking?). Like most public “discourses” in the age of television (i.e. in the post-rationalism era) … Continue reading

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Gripe of the day

I sent in my state and federal tax returns in early March. I got my federal refund back in early May. I still have not gotten my money back from the great state of Illinois. I want my money! Where’s … Continue reading

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Those silly politicians

So I heard part of a story this morning on NPR about the goings-on in the Texas state legislature. Apparently the Republicans, who control the legislature and the governor’s office, are trying to redraw the district lines to their favor. … Continue reading

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The Public School Mindset

My wife drove the Honda yesterday, so this morning the radio was set to the local Christian station rather than NPR. I listened to the end of Focus on the Family. It was about being the mother of toddlers and … Continue reading

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And here I thought all that work was useless. . .

I find it humorous that of all the things I learned in organic chemistry lab, the only practical skill was decanting. I use it pretty much daily while preparing formula for my daughter. Too funny.

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Why do you want it sanctified?

In this whole debate over the issue of homosexual unions, the question that doesn’t get asked enough is, “Why?” As in, why do homosexuals desire to have their “unions” blessed by the Church? Is it petty jealousy? Is it malicious … Continue reading

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Backstabbing back

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote something to the effect that I would keep playing Ultimate until my body betrayed me. Well, I think it just happened, but hopefully it’s not permanent. I had to go home early … Continue reading

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Take the easy way out

I think that for a lot of people, postmodernism has become a theological/intellectual cop-out of sorts. Because if everything really is relative, then why would I bother thinking about tough metaphysical or epistemological questions? In the end my conclusions will … Continue reading

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