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My favorite sport to watch

is definitely college football. And I love the Big Ten. So I have to say, Illinois just got seriously robbed. On third and ten from the 30, with 13 seconds left, Jon Beutjer threw a perfect ball to a receiver … Continue reading

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The proliferation of stupidity wrecks the Constitution

As I read Paul Krugman’s NY Times column today (it was another anti-Bush rant), it struck me that our Constitution is really outdated, almost irrelevant, in a certain sense. That sense is that it was written and agreed to by … Continue reading

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There are so many yahoos (in the Swiftian sense) in this country who don’t know how (or don’t care) to put trash in proper containers. I get really irritated by this. There isn’t any shortage of trash receptacles in my … Continue reading

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Bad days

Some days really, really suck. Taking responsibility for your actions really, really sucks. Making a bad decision really, really sucks, even if you get lucky and nothing bad happens as a result. That’s my day today. Hope yours is better.

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White Man’s Religion

My brother recently switched from vegetarianism to veganism. IMHO, veganism is a lifestyle of the white middle and upper class. You won’t find any vegans among the poor. They can’t afford the extra costs involved in eating only organically grown … Continue reading

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Things I Learned in College (A Brief Overview)

(This list is far from complete — I may add to it later.) Things I learned in college: 1. God’s grace is sufficient 2. Sleep When You’re Dead (Prov. 24: 33,34 — Thanks to Prof. Ansari for that one) 3. … Continue reading

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Crossroads of Boredom revisited

While on vacation last week, I finally (after 7 months) finished Robert Jordan’s Crossroads of Twilight. At this point I’m pretty much resigned to the belief that there will be at least two more books to slog through to get … Continue reading

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Parting is such sweet sorrow

The guy who has been my plant superintendent since I’ve been here is leaving today. He is taking a job near Philadelphia (not with ADM) to be closer to his family and his wife’s family. I am very sorry to … Continue reading

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A Yalie Wedding

Thank God I’m a Country Boy Continue reading

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J-Web Rocks

A belated mad phat props to Jerod for giving up his Friday night to come visit me and the fam last week. I had a great time catching up and reminiscing about Rose. Sorry we didn’t get you to the … Continue reading

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