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National Public Purveyor of Ignorance

On All Things Considered this evening there was an “in-depth” report (at leat 10 minutes worth of air time, so it was really really in-depth) on the gay marriage debate. In fairness to ATC, I don’t know how much of … Continue reading

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Hmmm. . .

My life is rated R.What is your life rated? A couple of comments – 1.) This seems to be focused toward singles. 1a.) I’m guessing that my answer to the last question sent me from PG straight to R. What … Continue reading

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Here I Go a-Waffling

We always went trick-or-treating when I was a kid. I don’t remember anyone condemning it at my church. When Jamie and I first talked about it, we decided that we wouldn’t have our kids participate in Halloween because of what … Continue reading

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Les Miser-

Saturday Jamie and I spent the day in Springfield doing Christmas shopping. Our good friends the Logans took care of the kids for us — what a blessing! We also went to an 8 PM showing of the musical Les … Continue reading

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Career Fair Madness

I didn’t have a chance to post about the Career Fair on Wednesday. It was smaller than I remember from years past, but man were we busy. I got to see Marcie M. (that made twice in 4 days, what … Continue reading

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Reloading TM:Reloaded

Okay, so over the past 2 nights I watched TM:Reloaded at home for the first time. In my home I took the liberty of basically skipping 2 whole scenes, and that made the whole movie much more palatable. Much better … Continue reading

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Hollow “victory”

I can hardly consider the passage of the ban on partial birth abortion a victory. Baby-killers are in complete control — even the language used in the debates is determined by them and their media lapdogs. When we stop debating … Continue reading

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Neil is dead

Neil Postman died last week or so. Who is left to carry the torch lit by McLuhan?

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Smells like toddler spirit

Signs that your toddler might be close to potty-trainable: a couple of nights ago I sniffed the air and asked “Is someone poopy?” Our boy’s response was to back slowly towards his mom while saying “Would you smell me?”

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The Eaglet

Some of you may remember Jeff Miheve. He graduated from Rose in 1991 (I think) and went onto IVCF staff sometime after that. When I was at Rose he was on staff at Franklin College (about an hour east and … Continue reading

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