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Wedding Blues

Well, I’m off work today (yay!). Unfortunately, because we’re off today and tomorrow we have to work on Saturday. Which means that I won’t be able to go to the Funk/Gibbs wedding. Bummer. I hope you all have fun! Send … Continue reading

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“Basic Health Care”

Here’s a perfect illustration of what I see as the problem with birth control. While listening to NPR on the way home this evening, I learned that Illinois has just become the 21st state to mandate that health insurers pay … Continue reading

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Burn Baby Burn

I take a lot of grief here at work because I carry a lighter with me even though I don’t smoke. But there’s a very good reason why I carry my Zippo with me — we use sulfur sticks to … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

We are having a great time here in Goshen. Unfortunately we weren’t able to hook up with Jer and Pa’lee but we’ll try again next time. Still, it is great being with my folks and our friends. Tonight we had … Continue reading

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No, not bah humbug. Just BAH!!! That’s what I think about oil that magically moves from one tank to another. How does it happen? No one knows, but it’s there. It’s like osmosis. Simple physics just isn’t helping me. If … Continue reading

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Da Bug (no, it’s not Herbie)

The flu knocked me off my feet last week. I felt bad on Monday, kept working until I couldn’t see straight on Tuesday (I had a coworker drive me home), and was flat on my back Wednesday and Thursday. By … Continue reading

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Question Answered, I Guess

Well, I guess I got my answer. It appears that exactly no one who is staunchly pro birth control followed up on the information I provided. I guess that means that even if recent study of Greek language and culture … Continue reading

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Question for Birth Control Advocates

I have taken a lot of heat in this space and others for my position on contraception and fertility. I have been accused of pietism, legalism, and Pharisaism. I have been told that I have no scriptural basis for my … Continue reading

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The Pro-Ana Lifestyle

While we can’t agree on many cultural issues, I hope that most of the readers of this blog would find the Pro-Ana movement sickening. I first heard about this phenomena in a World article, which cited the following statement from … Continue reading

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Consulting God

A recent commenter in my blog made the following statement: “I don’t put a lot of stock in prayerfully considering something and concluding what God’s will is before one takes action. I think that’s pietistic bunk. If it’s a good … Continue reading

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