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What Matters

While talking to Tomislav at the intern fair on Wednesday, the subject of some recent blogging came up. Tom made the comment that some people take these debates a little too seriously (if I misquote you, Tom, please correct me!). … Continue reading

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Post-Intern Fair

Went to the intern fair. The turnout for ADM was the lowest it’s been since I’ve started doing things. We did fill up our interviewing schedule, though. I met Andrea, and managed not to embarass myself too much. The big … Continue reading

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Pre-Intern Fair Post

Tomorrow (28th) I’ll be at the intern fair. That means lots of standing, lots of talking, lots of smiling. Really, it is fun. I’m not kidding. You should try it. Looking forward to seeing Tom. Maybe I’ll recognize Andrea, maybe … Continue reading

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P-Words and other vulgarities

I’ve decided that any security system that requires you to change your password on a regular basis should *not* be allowed to lock you out after 3 failed attempts. I would think that to avoid security problems caused by programs … Continue reading

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Crazy Stupid Nonsense

The title contains everything that I have to say about this.

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Interviewing for Nate

Here are the long-awaited answers to my even longer-awaited interview from Nathan: 1. You have expressed some strong opinions about birth control on your blog and elsewhere. Whence did these opinions come? Oh sure, start off with the most controversial … Continue reading

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Christ’s Ambassadors

I’m playing in our church’s basketball league again this winter and sucking it up big time. Balls are for wussies — gimme a disc, please! Anyway, I led the halftime devotions for all four games today. We are supposed to … Continue reading

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Out of Time

We just finished watching this Denzel Washington action movie/mind bender on DVD. I wouldn’t rate it in the “good enough to buy the DVD” category, but it is at least “I’d recommend renting it and watching it once” quality. The … Continue reading

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Prime Real Estate

If you’re looking for a house in central Illinois, I’ve got it for you right here. The realtor did a really good job with the pictures. In the first week we’ve had two showings already with a third scheduled for … Continue reading

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Intern Fair

Next Wednesday I will be in the Haute for the Rose intern fair. Anyone else gonna be there?

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