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Living in an Amish Paradise

So, Sunday evening I was trimming my gotee and I got a little crazy around the upper lip area. All my efforts to fix it did nothing more than add a few nicks and cause me to end up shaving … Continue reading

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The Question that Drives Me

. . .is when TM:Revolutions is coming out on DVD. I dropped by IMDb today and finally got my answer: Tuesday after next. April 6th, 2004 is the official release date. I’ll be buying it, for one because I’m the … Continue reading

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Give Him the Heave Ho!

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is that Bush should dump Cheney. Politically, he’s been nothing but a liability from the start. His terse relationship with the press makes Bush look bad. I was disappointed with Bush’s choice … Continue reading

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I’m Uncle Archie’s Man

Sigh, another late night. It has been a long week and it doesn’t end yet, I’ve got to be back in tomorrow. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up much with the old blog here, looks like there is some good … Continue reading

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Spamming blog comments should be a capital offense. In my humble opinion. I try to run a nice, decent forum here about topics that I care about, not an advertising site. I recently found that this site comes up on … Continue reading

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Da Babysitter

So last Tuesday, my wife was volunteering at the local CPC doing some training with a woman who is going to be a counselor. I was supposed to be home in time for her to leave the kids with me, … Continue reading

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Go Andree!

Andree Seu (frequent contributor to World Magazine) penned this bit of satire last week. She sums up pretty nicely my primary non-religious objection to homosexual marriage. (For my version of this question, see the comment thread in this post.) In … Continue reading

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Blogrolling II

Apparently I didn’t read the fine print. I think that in order for the blogrolling links to work properly all the blogs on my blogroll need to tell that they have updated. Nuts. Back to the drawing board, I … Continue reading

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My Vote in November

Baldauff had a post about why he will vote the way he does this November. That being said, the real inspiration for this post was a conversation I just had with my dad. We started out talking about disc golf, … Continue reading

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Thanks to Tom for the link. I set up my blogroll through, and now the most recently updated blog on my blogroll will be at the top. Todd, I set up what you told me to. I’m still not … Continue reading

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