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Mmmm. . .Black and Decker CMM1000. . .

I just finished mowing my front yard for the first time with my new mower. It is very nice. Very, very nice. Last summer my little Yardman push mower needed the carburetor rebuilt. I do pipes, not motors, so I … Continue reading

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A recent post by Josh brought Douglas Wilson and his mouthpiece, the periodical Credenda/Agenda, back into my consciousness. I actually agree with a lot of what Douglas Wilson has to say and I once read C/A on a somewhat regular … Continue reading

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I heard parts of a story on the use of ultrasounds this morning on ME. Something to the effect that the AMA has its panties in a bunch about the “non-medical” use of sonograms, yada yada yada. Although the ostensible … Continue reading

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Good article on the partial-birth abortion legal wrangling. Maybe there is hope for the field of bioethics after all. . .of course, if few people are paying attention, maybe not.

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Legend of the Peel

This is one of my favorite stories from college. Especially since it involves no embarrassment on my part. I’m a little shaky on some of the details — I’m pretty sure that it happened sophomore year but it could have … Continue reading

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Primates and posteriors

My beloved Flyers finally got the New Jersey monkey off their collective backs today, beating them 3-1 for a 4-1 series win. The ability to dispatch of the defending NHL champions so easily bodes well for Philadelphia. My expectations for … Continue reading

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I wish that all the people who show up here at my plant and collect a check each week were willing to give me something worthwhile in exchange for said check. That’s how the economics of jobs works, right? You … Continue reading

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Haven’t posted much lately, in case you haven’t noticed. Site traffic is predictably down as a consequence. I don’t have my DSL back yet at home (grrr, it’s scheduled for the 19th!. How did I ever survive 3 years with … Continue reading

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Kerry’s Dodge

I caught ME’s interview of John Kerry this morning on the way in to work. Apparently Kerry’s campaign is “auditing” the promises he has made to see which ones he still plans on keeping and which ones need to be … Continue reading

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Faulty Logic for the Day

I read Nick Kristof’s NYTimes op-ed piece today about abortion laws. (You must be registered to follow the link). He believes that the Bush administration is intent on outlawing abortion because of the ban on partial birth abortions. I think … Continue reading

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