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A Memorial Day Post

So far I’ve had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. My parents are heading home, Jamie and Ethan are on their way back from D.C., and the other kids are napping. I’m trying to get the house back into shape before … Continue reading

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Yet More Housekeeping

Sooo. . .rather than wait for my most honorable webmaster to port my old stylesheet and templates over here, I’m just going to give ye olde blog a facelift. I hope you like it. I need to twiddle with the … Continue reading

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More Housekeeping

And what do you burn apart from housekeeping? More Housekeeping! And now for something completely different. Okay, so here we are at our new virtual home. I have some more housekeeping to do, mostly because the Lutheran Pirate has abandoned … Continue reading

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I updated the blogroll (got rid of blogrolling — why use it if it doesn’t do what I want it to do?) and added one person, Brian Kiefer. He doesn’t post much but he reads The Economist, which I also … Continue reading

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Chains of Command

I heard a commentary on the prisoner abuse situation by Daniel Shorr last night (I think) on ATC. He opened with his predictably leftist take on the situation, that GW is directly responsible for the prisoner abuse. He may as … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Moms are amazing. This is especially true of my wife, Jamie, who does a truly awesome job with our three little ones; my mom, who somehow raised me and my brother … Continue reading

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I played my first War3 multiplayer games today, with Jer and Alex on It was a hoot — I enjoyed it although I am not very good (yet). Not that I think I ever will be (not much time … Continue reading

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I didn’t make it the whole day. Rund um halb elf hab’ ich erwochen und mich erbrechen. Or something like that. I still don’t feel well this morning. I had planned on taking a vacation day today anyway just because … Continue reading

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I hate being sick. But at least I made it through the day without hurling. I came home at 1 PM and slept until 4:00. I am still not feeling well but Tylenol helped. Jamie is in Springfield tonight on … Continue reading

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The World According to Moore

On Marketplace tonight (I know it’s been a long day when Marketplace is on during my drive home) they had a short piece on Disney’s rejection of Michael Moore’s latest film, _Fahrenheit 911_. (Aside: Moore’s presumption to associate himself with … Continue reading

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