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Moral Compasses and Whatnot

I had a discussion with my brother last night that predictably revolved around our philosophical differences. We touched briefly on the subject of childrearing. Here is a summary of why I believe parents have a responsibility to instill in their … Continue reading

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Public Enemy No. 1

Here’s a link to a cute leftist idea (link courtesy of NFPA). Stuff like this brings out the libertarian in me. Speaking of libertarians, I’m working on picking up Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom.” Maybe I’ll become a convert yet. … Continue reading

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I have especially liked the Psalm from which this site takes its name since I first found out that I was going to be a daddy. I always associate it with Jon Webster; I don’t think that he first pointed … Continue reading

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Project update: I finished one project this week and gained another one, so I’m holding steady at 30. Only about 10 of those are on the front burner, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. But all of them … Continue reading

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More on Mickey D’s: coming soon to a McDonalds near you, drive through outsourcing. No comment.

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Moving In

I drove up to Chicago yesterday to help Jer and Pa’lee move in, and to pick up the stuff they brought out from D.C. for me. Let me steal a bit of thunder by telling you how awesome the view … Continue reading

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McCredit Cards

According to the NFPA update that I get each noontime, the average purchase at McDonalds that is paid for with cash is $4. The average purchase that is paid for by credit card is $7.50. Going into debt to eat … Continue reading

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Buttery-Popcorn Goodness

I still smell like buttery-popcorn goodness. Yes, I did take a soap/water shower since my oil shower. Mmm, buttery-popcorn goodness. I think I’ll have some microwave popcorn with lunch.

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I took a Whirl shower today. Quite unintentionally, I might add. I’m looking like a greaser now. On the up side, I smell like buttery-popcorn goodness. Mmmm, buttery-popcorn goodness. . .

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How Not to Deal With Terrorists

So, the Filipinos bravely ran away from Iraq to save the life of one hostage. How many Iraqis did they leave behind to fend for themselves against insurgents and terrorists? What’s worse, as was easily predictable, the real enemies of … Continue reading

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