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Echoes of Florida 2000

Since this happened in Montana, there isn’t much of a stink being made about the voter disenfranchising that has given Democrats control of the state senate. My favorite quote (from the lawyer who succeeded in having the votes invalidated): “Those … Continue reading

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A different kind of BMI

Go check out the BMI at It’s interesting, though I ‘spect in the grand scheme of things it isn’t worth much.

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Ocean’s Twelve

I had heard some bad reviews of Ocean’s Twelve, but I dismissed them as the cynical comments of jaded movie critics. I went into the theater with an open mind, caring little about plot or great acting, desiring nothing more … Continue reading

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Holy kilo-spam, Batman!

I have a web-based spam blocker installed on my work email account. I’ve had it since May of this year. I looked back today at the addresses that it has blocked — over 1500 in less than 9 months. Those … Continue reading

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In which I am defeated

As we began cleaning up after Christmas dinner last night (btw, if I make a typo, it is probably the fault of my new wireless keyboard. It doesn’t always pick up every keystroke, especially not shift+ and ctrl+ commands. Very … Continue reading

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File under: People like this don’t deserve to have $50K lying around

So, for those of us who have $50,000 that we don’t know what to do with, we can now clone our pets. I think I can safely say that we have surpassed ancient Rome as the most decadent, self-absorbed culture … Continue reading

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Random schtuff

We drove up to Goshen this weekend to participate in the annual Big Fondue. Our parents can no longer remember when they started it, but this was at least the 30th anniversary of the party. Much yummy fried meat, bread, … Continue reading

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Yeah, whatever

Only someone as far left of center as Maureen Dowd would even think to call John McCain conservative. It’s a shame when someone that clever uses her powers for evil, and not for good.

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Gee, whoda thunkit

And in other news, scientists who recently claimed (over and against the evidential weight of other studies on the subject) that the Pill not only doesn’t have any unhealthy side effects but rather decreases certain health risks are now saying, … Continue reading

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Not-So-Intelligent by Design

Sometimes I feel like public schools just shouldn’t teach anything about the origins of the universe at all. It seems like evolution is to leftists what the flat earth was to 16th century papists. There is essentially zero physical evidence … Continue reading

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