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The Forgotten

We rented The Forgotten this weekend. It was excellent. The plot was totally unbelievable, but it was a great suspense/thriller nonetheless. Good acting all around. We recommend it.

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Motherboard update

Here are the results of my troubleshooting my motherboard (see earlier post for details). I swapped out the power supply to another board, which powered up without any problems. I took the power supply from that board and put it … Continue reading

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One of the blogposts that has been rumbling around in my head all week but has not yet made it onto the page is about my trip to the movies with my just-out-of-diapers son, Elijah. It was his first trip … Continue reading

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I was reading in Hebrews 10 this morning and had an insight (I think) that I haven’t had before, so I’m sharing. Under the old covenant, the process of confession of, atonement, and receiving forgiveness for sin was a very … Continue reading

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Blue Moon Hostel

If you follow this link to the Blue Moon Hostel Saloon webcam in Lafayette, LA, at around this time at night, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my brother and his girlfriend performing. Unfortunately there is … Continue reading

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Tire Trouble

Monday morning when I got into my car and drove to work, I didn’t notice anything wrong with my car. Of course, I had NPR blasting so the noise may have been there already. I drove home to have lunch … Continue reading

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Go read this story right now. Especially if you live or have ever lived in the vicinity of Terre Haute.

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IN WHICH Mother has motherboard issues

So, for the machine that I’m building I chose an ASUS a7v600x motherboard. (Note: link is not to the place from which I purchased the thing.) It is a pretty nice board; I just have one little problem with it. … Continue reading

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A puny pun

Grapes were on sale this morning, so I bought a whole bunch. True story. Actually, I bought 5 or 6 bunches. We like grapes in this house.

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Head wax: $50 Suit and tie for photo-op with President: $1500 Being known as the NID: Priceless Okay, so I know that they are now calling him the DNI. But he’ll forever be the NID to me.

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