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Handwriting and geeks

Since sometime during my tenure at RHIT, I have mostly used block letters when I write. Lately I have been working on making my handwriting more efficient, especially since I have come to loathe it. The key is to use … Continue reading

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Travesty International

[This already long post would have been much longer, but the manager of my household thought that I was finished with it before I really was, and disposed of the offending desk litter quite efficiently. So, here is about half … Continue reading

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“The Word Made Flash”

The Economist is certainly one for witty titles. This article was filed under “phototheology.” If it happens, it would be very cool.

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Chicken Little had a nice little entry today in which he asserted several times that if something is permissable, it is mandatory. At least, that’s how I read statements like “Yesterday The Washington Post reported on the growing number of … Continue reading

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On to lighter subjects

When I was in college, one of my favorite snacks was the little breadsticks that Jer taught me to pilfer[1] from the cafeteria. You know, the ones that they have at salad bars, they come in a two-pack. We’d stuff … Continue reading

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Growing cynical

So, last week I read in several articles that letting Terri Schiavo starve to death was perfectly humane and totally painless, given that she is in a PVS. Then in Sunday’s local paper, I read an AP article reporting that … Continue reading

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At the risk of aligning myself with some right-wing militant groups, I nonetheless must state publicly my dissent to any expansion of UN powers. (Good article from The Economist can be found here.) Why, you might ask? I’m glad you … Continue reading

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A dreadful post

I agree with this editorial. It doesn’t happen very often that I agree with the New York Times editors, but this is one of them. I find it highly ironic, though, that the champions of the left are pining for … Continue reading

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Terri’s Fight

Somehow you had to know that the Schindler-Schiavo tragedy (see, I can use loaded language, too!) would boil over the way it has. I am particularly impressed, though, by the MSM’s persistance in labeling it as a “right-to-die” case (see … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Since a quarter to 5:00 AM this morning. But we’re done now. So I’m going home. But I’ve added one more experience to my repertoire: driving rail spikes. It gets old quickly, let me tell you. OK, I love you … Continue reading

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