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Ultimate — the morning after week one

So, last night was a little disappointing as only 3 other people showed up. But we played 2 on 2 on a cute little field and had plenty of fun. And hopefully more people will show up next week. Ultimate!

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Air who?

Last night as I was driving home I saw a young boy, couldn’t have been older than 9 or 10, wearing a No. 23 Bulls jersey. And I’m thinking, hmm, the oldest this kid could have been the last time … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pancakes

One of our family weekend breakfast favorites is pancakes. Elijah and Molly take turns helping me measure out the ingredients. This week I decided to mix it up. So here’s my recipe for chocolate pancakes (modified from the BHG cookbook … Continue reading

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Searching for Baby Schiavo?

I don’t think I even need to comment on this. (Believe it or not, I came across this article while reading about a crumb test dummy.)

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Tee hee hee. . .

. . .Dowd has her knickers in a twist for sure. I’m still not sure how she managed to make the connection between news anchors and the papal election, but she pulled it off somehow. I feel almost guilty for … Continue reading

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Coupons, Inc.

For all you computer geek types out there, here’s an interesting application for an RSS feed. Hopefully whoever came up with this one is being well-compensated.

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A quaint idea

When I come across a quote like the one below while reading Hayek, the cynic in me laughs at his idealism: (On the indiscriminate nature of the free market system) “[It is]. . .as important as that, in framing legal … Continue reading

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Nothing good ever comes out of. . .Lafayette?

As much as I hate to admit it, there are some worthwhile things going on at the second-best-engineering-school-on-the-Wabash-river, a.k.a. Purdue. Here’s one of them. Mmmm, popcorn. Although I must say, I kind of like half-popped kernels. But I’m not a … Continue reading

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Peace in our house

We have been teaching hymns to the kids. Molly is our songstress: if she’s not talking, she’s singing, and vice-versa. One of our favorites is Horatio Spafford’s “When Peace Like a River.” When peace like a river / attendeth my … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts

This is post #607, which means that yesterday’s was post 606. 606 is a special number for Mennonites, at least of the variety from which I came. Hymn number 606 in the Mennonite Hymnal (the old one, with the burnt … Continue reading

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