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Memorial Day Weekend

I spent most of this weekend working on a Lego castle of my own creation. I was inspired by some other builders whose sites I am too lazy to link to right now. Pictures of my creation in progress and … Continue reading

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News and Views

Most of the people in my office get their news from Personally, I much prefer CNN is very sensationalistic, as opposed to NYT’s more intelligent and thoughtful treatment. Here’s a sampling of what I mean, pulled from the … Continue reading

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More Ultimate

We had enough for 6 on 6 tonight at Ultimate. I really wanted to be home by 20:00, but we started a game to 7 at 19:00. The final score was something like 17-15 due to the “have to win … Continue reading

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Go Slacka! Go Slacka!

Word on the street is that congratulations are due to Nathan and Tricia Froyd. Way to go, kids! I won’t say more than that for now — official blogosphere announcement will shortly be forthcoming from them, I hope! [Out of … Continue reading

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Aww, nuts

Well, I had always hoped that New Hall would still be New Hall when Jacob, Jeremy and myself would be able to donate enough to RHIT to get it named after us: Ansari-Showalter-Stoltzfus Hall, sort of like Baur-Sames-Bogart (BSB), except, … Continue reading

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National Park Love

Tim and Amy Kibbey recently visited Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. You can read a little about it and view pictures here. It was this exact week 5 years ago that 4 Rose seniors made the most of the … Continue reading

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Evil Twin

Evil Jacob has a blog! Joy and happiness! Happiness and joy! I don’t expect it to be updated often, but you could spend a long time enjoying his photo gallery whilst you wait for fresh posts. (Sorry, Bro, but you … Continue reading

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“I saw the fields, where humans are not born: we are grown”

Apparently The Economist regards people like me as Luddites. Snipe at me and my ilk if you will, but I don’t care what the benefits are, growing humans to harvest cells, tissues, organs, or systems is wrong wrong wrong. How … Continue reading

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I finally got my recently-built computer to network with the family computer today. As it turns out, the new one (with an ASUS motherboard) is running a program called PC-Cillin that is part of the ASUS package. I installed it … Continue reading

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Zoo Station

Yesterday I took the kids to the local zoo. It’s not much to talk about, although they do have two spider monkies, two cheetahs, and two bactrian camels. The kids had the most fun at the petting zoo — only … Continue reading

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