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Cryptic Update

We’re back. Had a great vacation. Lots to tell. Not now. Have a nice day.

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Pumpkin Blossoms

So, this is going to sound really weird, but here in central Illinois people eat the flowers off of pumpkin vines. No, really. I thought it was crazy, too, until I tried them. The secret is, of course, battering them … Continue reading

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A little schooling

I heard that one of the results of the Governors’ survey of high school students found that a major reason that kids drop out of school is that they don’t feel challenged. I have read numerous articles about the dismal … Continue reading

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Nectar of the Gods

I think it was in King’s Quest V (or maybe IV) where one had to manuever Graham across a desert. To do so one would need to find oases along the way. Whenever you found an oasis, the narrator would … Continue reading

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Backward-thinking? Okay, whatever. . .

From an article in The Economist on the world’s perception of America: “American conservatives, says Anatole Lieven, of the Carnegie Endowment, a Washington think-tank, are backward-looking, nostalgic for a supposedly golden age in the 1950s; they are defensive, believing that … Continue reading

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This is not a trend

Two bulleted lists. Hmm, I’m obviously not posting enough. Busyness is good, though. – Only 6 days until my vacation starts. I wish we had started packing about a month ago. – My oldest child marked his fourth birthday on … Continue reading

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Ooooohhhh yeeeaaahh

So, you don’t have to believe me, but below is a picture of the rental car that was somehow bestowed on me for a little business trip I took yesterday: Oh, it was so cherry. The 2005 Mustang (it was … Continue reading

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Parenting Tip #8

If you are sitting in church pew trying to keep an 18-month-old happy on your lap so that he won’t disrupt the service, you may just as well turn the cell phone in your pocket off as put it on … Continue reading

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I had to think for a minute about how to file this entry; I finally decided on politics. While it involves elements of religion, terrorism is primarily a political tool, albeit a repugnant one. (Please pardon the over-the-top prose that … Continue reading

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Bulleted List Type Update

I don’t usually do lists, but here’s a quick summary of the past 6 days and a look ahead at the next few: – Jamie and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary on Friday the 1st. – We had a lovely … Continue reading

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