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On Ignorance, Disaster Style

“This is our tsunami.” No, it isn’t. It is nothing like the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami that hit SE Asia. There were several days worth of warning to allow people to evacuate, seek shelter, move belongings, etc. The costs in … Continue reading

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Rented it. Watched it. Didn’t like it. No Abe Lincoln. Not bad as a stand alone action film. Not good as a film adaptation of a book. ‘Nuff said. On the bright side, we watched it on one of these. … Continue reading

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Looking for Becca Tour Venue

I am taking the whole fam to Indy on Saturday to catch part of the Becca Froyd world tour. Anyone have any idea what the venue is? I ‘spose I could ye olde 004um. I’ll try there, yeah. If it’s … Continue reading

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Slowing Down

So, yesterday I had a full day off from work for the first time in 21 days. 20 straight days of at least 5 hours at work, with only 3 out of those days being 10 or less. My total … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Speaking of Krugman a.k.a. the leftist stormcrow, he keeps talking about how bad off the “working people” (whoever they are) are as compared to the fat cats (whatever that means). I realize that I’m not exactly working class (again, whatever … Continue reading

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Proposed Rule Change for NYTimes

I hereby propose that it be made anathema at the New York Times for Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof to be on vacation at the same time. I can only take so much Krugman, Dowd, and Herbert in one week, … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s Web Site

A friend of ours is moving from Illinois to California to start a new job. He is chronicling his cross-country trip, which he is making the most of over the next 30 days or so, with a photo web site. … Continue reading

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Those #@*# Ogre-Magi

I was driving home from work this evening (after being called back in) and I noticed a patch of road in front of me that was sparkling in the light of my headlights. My first thought before I drove across … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday

To my daughter Molly, who just completed her 3rd year yesterday. 3 years of being a princess. We’re really hoping that we will get another girl sometime soon — she needs a sister before her princessification becomes permanently impressed on … Continue reading

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What Day Is It, Anyway?

One rarely realizes how accustomed one becomes to routine until something happens that is entirely out of the ordinary. I haven’t had a day off work since August 7th, and my body and mind are both a little off kilter. … Continue reading

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