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This and that

I’ve been posting in the “miscellany” category often lately. Apparently I don’t have much “on topic” blogging in me right now. A post containing my thoughts on a defense of exclusive Psalmody is still percolating. Never fear, it will come. … Continue reading

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So, where’s my 13 acres?

It’s a good thing not everyone lives like me. It’d be hard to find 2 more Earths. Oh well. I almost sort of kind of maybe felt a little bit guilty at my results. The engineer in me wants to … Continue reading

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And who really knows how to speak / about these things

The first line from the first song of the band Mineral’s first album: “The humble and righteous and meek / are teaching me Whose will to seek.” Mineral rocks. Have a nice day. Currently listening to: The Power of Failing … Continue reading

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I didn’t know we were into the museum business

I was looking through our property code database today to make sure I am coding everything on my project properly. I noticed that since the last time I checked the list there have been some additions. One entry that caught … Continue reading

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This is why browsers remember things for you

I sat down at the computer last night and experienced dementia for the first time in my life. Not just a temporary memory failure, but rather a complete loss of a piece of information. I started internet banking about a … Continue reading

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It’s interesting to me

Someone has admonished me for having both stale and boring blog content. Well, dearest, the observations I made at the Automation Show were very interesting to me, thus their appearance here. Oh well. The lack of commentage confirms the lack … Continue reading

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Automation Show 2005

Yesterday and today I have been bumming around the Rockwell/Allen-Bradley 2005 Automation Show in St. Louis. First off, I have to say that trying to get to downtown St. Louis is easy, when you know what you’re doing. Today I … Continue reading

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Not right souls

Habakkuk 2:4 is one of the most quoted verses (at least partially) in Protestantdom. Well, actually we usually quote the quotation that Paul cites in Romans: “The righteous will live by faith.” Here is the full verse: “Behold, as for … Continue reading

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Ends and Oddities

I paid $2.089 per gallon for gas this morning, and I liked it. Curse you, oil companies, curse you! I want to see an updated study on the cost of biofuels production. Especially since I work for one of the … Continue reading

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This Week in Soulfood Land

It has been a busy week. Monday wasn’t too bad, but Tuesday I decided that I needed to learn how to install chain link fence so that I could finish off my back yard. There is about a 9-ft. stretch … Continue reading

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