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Meet me in St. Louis

So far, I’m enjoying living in the St. Louis metro area. In the past two months we have been to the Zoo (Thanksgiving weekend), the Arch, and the Magic House (the latter two on Monday and Tuesday of this week). … Continue reading

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Rugrat Vocabulary

Today we will be discussing some words commonly used in the Stoltzfus household, which may or may not be particular to our family. Here are my current favorites: 4. Skeevy (SKEE-vee) n. A person who is silly or goofy. Typical … Continue reading

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A Bifurcation, followed by a lament/rant

Friday evening in Canada, some 20-odd week old collection of cells that could also be referred to as fetal tissue died in a woman’s body and her body expelled it. To this particular woman, the fetal tissue was a child, … Continue reading

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Children’s Church

Someone recently asked my wife why we don’t send our children to children’s church, in the context of a larger discussion on our views on church polity. Jamie’s post that triggered the discussion that led to the email correspondence that … Continue reading

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Mmmmmmmmm. I’ve never even dreamed of something like this. It’s so. . .beautiful.

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What is that? *click*

We get all kinds of interesting phone calls at my new office. Here’s an example from yesterday: Phone: Ring-a-ling! Me: ADM, this is Jacob Person: Hi, this is (yadayada bing bang) with National Security (Something-or-other) and I would like to … Continue reading

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Someone asked in the post immediately previous to this one why we wouldn’t vaccinate our children. The answer to that is long and tortuous, but the bottom line is that the risk/benefit analysis we have performed as well as religiomoral … Continue reading

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Sin is its own reward

My wife visited a local doctor today in her search for a family practitioner/pediatrician who is comfortable with our choice not to vaccinate our children. The doctor today is down with all that, except that she pushed Jamie to have … Continue reading

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