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Go ADM Racer Go!

Our 2nd quarter results for FY ’06 came out today, and for the first time ever I listened to the conference call. Our stock has been zooming upward in recent weeks so I was hoping that the news would be … Continue reading

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It’s interesting that the anniversary of Roe v. Wade doesn’t spark more discussions of the life and legacy of Margaret Sanger. For whatever reason, however, her name seems to be popping up more often this year. Well, okay, not really. … Continue reading

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Follow-up political sundries

So, Hamas won in Palestinian elections. That is not a good thing, unless you like the instability that terrorists sow. We’ll be watching this situation closely here at Soulfood Central. On another, really-not-at-all related note (though Dick Cheney might insinuate … Continue reading

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Enter Taxman

I just can’t resist the urge to rub this in every year. . .in 2005 we added another little deduction/tax credit. Plus, we got hammered on taxes during our move with my promotion and moving expenses paid through my payroll … Continue reading

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They “slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God”

I was 8 years old, in the 3rd grade. It was an exciting day — we got out of our morning classes and went to the library to watch the space shuttle launch. The teachers were especially excited because one … Continue reading

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So. . .Jamie wasn’t really interested in watching Serenity, and since she’s out of town for another night. . .I picked it up at Blockbuster tonight. 10 minutes into the movie, and I’m wondering who I know who’s close enough … Continue reading

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What are you up to, Naginata?

If Nagi isn’t involved in this, I’d be really surprised. Congratulations, my boy! I personally suspect it’s all part of one of his vast libertarian conspiracies.

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My family is in Indiana visiting a friend and her family for the next 2 days. It was pretty lonely coming home to an empty house. Tonight as I catch up on some work stuff since the power went out … Continue reading

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Here’s an example of how my mind works. Yesterday on I saw a headline (but did not read the article) about 6 Muslim men who are suing the US Government for arresting or detaining or abusing them (or some … Continue reading

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Of Lego Castles and the Kid in Me

Last year around my birthday time I started building a Lego castle. It was pretty ragtag and I ran out of bricks before I ran out of ideas. Compared to something like this (you’ve got to be impressed by someone … Continue reading

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